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GTSL Diaspora Accounts
GTSL - Diaspora Accounts
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1.     Question 


Who is GTSL?



GTSL is an acronym for Global Trust Savings & Loans Ltd, a primary Mortgage Institution, licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria, or hitherto Federal Ministry of Works and Housing to carry on the Mortgage banking business in Nigeria.



2.    Question 



Who owns GTSL?




GTSL is owned by Industrial and General Insurance Plc. (IGI) thus a subsidiary of the parent company, Industrial and General Insurance Plc.  (IGI).


3.    Questions 


What are the services rendered by GTSL?


(i)    GTSL accepts deposits from the public in form of savings,

        Current Accounts and fixed deposits.

(ii)   Grant Mortgage loans to its customers to purchase property,

        Land, renovate properties and for building/construction.

(iii)  Helps its customers in the processing of National Housing

        Loan to individuals and Estate loans for developers from         

        Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

(iv)  Also assist in salary administration for companies/organizations etc.       



4.      Why should I open an account in Nigeria since I am resident abroad?


         GTSL ‚ Diaspora account is your access to numerous investment opportunities at home.


(a)  Friends & Relatives disappoint us and misappropriate our funds

(b)   We can save funds in Nigeria to take care of projects in Nigeria and holiday expenses when visiting

(c)   Access mortgage loan for housing projects in Nigeria etc.


5.      How many types of account?

        Four .




¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Savings Account

¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Current Account

¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Investment Account

¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Mortgage Account


6.      What documents do I need to open GTSL-Diaspora account?


¬∑   A notarized copy of your international Passport with valid stay Document (visa, permanent residence  or work permit)

¬∑   A notarized copy of utility bill or valid driver‚ ôs licence

¬∑   One passport-sized photograph


7.        What is the minimum deposit required to open an GTSL-Diaspora account?


   This depends on your choice of account.


¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Current Account is N50,000

¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Investment Account is N100,000

¬∑   GTSL-Diaspora Savings Account is N25,000


8.      Who can apply for GTSL- Diaspora Account Package?



         Any Nigerian Citizen outside the country.


9.      Can I open my accounts in Naira?    


         Yes.  Accounts are opened in Naira.


10.    Can I open my account in any currency?



         No.  We only open accounts in Naira.


11.    Can I secure a loan against my Diaspora account?



Yes, depending on the account type.  The Certificate of deposits issued for GTSL-Diaspora Investment          account can be used as collaterals for loans.


12.    Where can I apply f or GTSL ‚ Diaspora Account Package?


         The application forms can be found on our website at htt:/


13.    Can I apply online?



         Yes.  The entire application process can be completed online.


14.   Where should I send my completed forms to?


        Head, Operations

        Global Trust Savings & Loans Ltd.

        Plot 740, Adeola Hopewell

        Victoria Island, Lagos.  or


        Tel.  6213141 -2, 6213310



15.   How can I fund my account?




        The account can be funded from abroad via wire/bank transfer.  You can also pay in cash and cheques at any of our branches through your relatives/nominee in Nigeria.




16.   Can I send funds to my account from abroad?




        Yes.  We can remit funds via wire transfer to your bank account with GTSL.




17.    How do I buy a property in Nigeria?



The GTSL-Diaspora Mortgage account provides flexible and competitive mortgage facility for your    dream home in Nigeria.  Proposals of houses in Estates will be forwarded to you to enable you make your choice.  Also, you can be guided on building projects through our sister company; Chancellor Properties Limited.

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GTSL - Diaspora Accounts
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